What’s happening in ‘The City on a Lake,’ also known as Hendersonville TN? This city is part of the Nashville metro area, so you know quite a lot is going on in those parts. Did you know that this is where Johnny Cash used to live? It is time to take a look the news headlines for this Tuesday evening in Hendersonville TN.

The Hendersonville Police Department has announced that 10 police officers are being promoted, and that is a cool story. Then there is the update about the bank robbery suspect. A warrant has been issued for his arrest, but he evidently hasn’t been caught as of the time this news report was released. At least the authorities are onto him so he doesn’t end up robbing other banks.

The next news story is sad. A family’s home burned down right before Christmas, and it is always sad hearing those stories. Everyone was okay, but the family is still displaced. The fire happened in the Two Valley Subdivision. And actually, reports mention that two pets perished in the fire, and that is so sad. I hope people in the community are able to pull behind that family and help them have a better Christmas.

There are plenty of stories in sports, and of course everyone in Hendersonville is ready for Christmas and the new year. There is a special nativity scene that has been set up by a family in the community. It is Christmastime you guys. Love others, and let’s hope for plenty of heartwarming headlines.

That’s a wrap for news from Hendersonville TN this time around, and let’s see what headlines come in tomorrow. Remember to be safe out there, and enjoy Christmas and this beautiful holiday season. The new year is just around the corner now.

Hendersonville TN News As The New Year Fast Approaches